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The Fashion Guide: Dressing For Your Body Type

Fashion trends are always evolving and sometimes it is difficult to know how to make these styles work for our own unique and beautiful body shapes. Fashion is all about the confidence you have when you wear clothes that make you feel great, in the looks that you love! There is a glow and a gorgeous smile you have when you feel sexy and confident with your body and how your clothes fit your individual body shape.

Our guidelines help you understand your body shape and which styles look best to give you the confidence to enjoy online shopping. We created this guide to dressing your body type to help you pick styles in your closet that play up your favorite features by learning how to dress your unique body shape. The ability to make women's online clothing shopping easier and fun, is how we at Ledyz Fashions Boutique are revolutionizing online shopping for women.



There are 4 major female body shapes including rectangle body shape, pear body shape, hourglass body shape, and inverted triangle body shape. Female body shapes vary greatly and in the world of ever changing trends, knowing what to wear for your body shape can be quite the challenge! When choosing the perfect garment the aim to create the illusion of having a balanced body and putting that perfect wardrobe together is possible when you know where to find clothing that will accentuate your shape well. Once you understand your body type and know which styles of clothing works best for you, you will always look on point by emphasizing and embracing your curves and camouflaging your weak points.



Style is timeless and fashion is not. When it comes to your personal style there are four points that determine what your true style is. 

1. The actual silhouette of your body. This includes the parts of your body that you want to accentuate and those that you do not. Do you have a curvy body shape or is your body shape undefined?

2. The proportions of your body. Is the upper half of your body propionate to the lower half of your body? Are your shoulders propionate your hips?

3. Your bone structure and height? What type of bone structure do you have, fine or defined? Are you petite, average or tall?

4. Your own already defined personal style. Are the styles in your wardrobe contemporary, fashion forward, timeless, casual, whimsical or sporty?

Fashion is influenced by many factors including social opinions and your own personal preferences. This is why fashion is ever-evolving and you see new trends every few months. Fashions are influenced by everything from movies, to TV, art and music. That is why we pay attention to what the stylists at Ledyz Fashions call wardrobe essentials. Every style that you find at Ledyz Fashions is hand chosen with comfort, functionally and versatility in mind that can be worn at anytime of the year. Discover which body shape you are and which fashion styles will be accentuate your curves!


Select Your Body Type To See Styles Meant For You!



Female Rectangle Body Shape 



 Female Pear Shape   



Female Hourglass Shape



 Female Interverted Triangle Shape