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Mom Style - Finding Your Everyday Mom Style

    This has been a harder blog post to write, because let's just be honest. This post truly hits at the heart of insecurities that I and a lot of mommas that I know have. There are not a lot of stores, online or brick and mortar that cater to the 'Mom Style". In the world of fashion, doesn't it almost seem like "Mom Style" is a bad word? I would never say that I have always been on the forefront of the fashion world. But, I would like to think that I held my own. I thought I looked cute and was always getting complimented on my outfits and style. Well, like many of you that seemed to all change when I decided I wanted to be a momma!

    Where does one shop on the adventure of finding their "Mom Style"? There are a few stores, I tried to shop at personally after becoming a mom.  Ann Taylor, Macy's, Nordstrom's just to name a few. But, I know that I speak from personal experience that once I became a mom all that extra money that I had for staying up with all the trends literally went out the window so to speak. I mean let's again be honest, diapers and formula are not cheap. Then throw in the cute outfits that I know we all want to get for our sweet muchkins and daycare. There goes everyone's monthly budget. But, again being brutally honest I wore the "Typical Mom Uniform" for years of yoga pants and tees. But, I would see women without kids walk by and gosh how I wished that I could find the time or have the money to buy that cute top or must have necklace. I like many of you, would find myself at Target or Old Navy. Which, yes they do have some really cute clothes but it can be hit or miss. Find another owner of boutique that is going to say that yes, there are other places to shop. And yes, I do still on occasion shop there. But, I really wanted to be able to find and most importantly afford that new style of top, cute dress, or must have necklace. Not only did I want to have a store that I knew I could find the look I wanted at but, I wanted and needed to have that item shipped right to my doorstep. That ladies is how Ledyz Fashions was born. It was from the idea that I wanted to be able to find and wear the cutest new fashions at an affordable price while getting the boutique look.

    I first started off sharing my finds with close family and friends. Someone would see a top I was wearing or loved my earrings and wanted to know where to buy it. Soon I was getting questions about my style from people I didn't know. The receptionist at my doctors office, the mom of one of my daughters school friends. And, once that started to happen I knew that I wanted to have a boutique that would bring unique, fashionable and trendy clothes & accessories to women of all ages. We look forward to helping all of you amazing mommas thru your adventure to finding your Mom Style!!


Xoxo ~Danielle





Enchanted Evening Teal Blue Illusion Lace Dress


Must Have Accessories




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