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Fashion Guide: How To Keep Up With The Latest Fashion Trends For Women

Keeping up with fashion trends helps us feel confident, beautiful and who doesn't love expressing their own personal style. Keeping with the latest fashion trends also can lead to success in your professional and even personal life. The big problem, is that fashion trends change quickly. Not surprising to us in the fashion industry this can literally happen overnight. This leaves many women feeling discouraged and that it is impossible to keep up with the fashion world. But, with these tips and tricks, you can keep up with the latest trends, incorporate them into your own personal style and you do not need to be in the fashion industry. 

1. Watch Fashion Week. Influential fashion brands & designers have fashion shows twice a year in different cities around the world. Of course, it is not easy to get access to attend these shows, but you will find lots of information, videos, pictures, and written reviews after Fashion Week released by the fashion brands and designers showing off their upcoming fashion lines, bloggers, and news outlets.

  • If you would like to see video footage and pictures of a recent Fashion Week and are two places that we recommend. 
  • When you see the fashion lines during Fashion Week, remember these are upcoming trends that you will be seeing in the next 3 to 6 months. Take notice of the colors, textures, and styles. Even if you can not see yourself wearing a particular dress or pants you saw on the runway, remember that other brands will adjust their upcoming lines to reflect these trends. So, take note of what you do like because there will be more wearable versions you will see on the street and in stores in the next few months.


Woman flipping thru magazines


2. Fashion Publications. Prominent fashion publications cater to the everyday person trying to keep up with fashion trends and offer free and easy to access up to date fashion trends.

  • Many magazines offer excellent articles on current fashion trends, upcoming fashion lines and even how to wear them. 
  • Another wonderful free and easy to access a source of information about current and upcoming fashion trends are fashion bloggers and fashion influencers. These are regular people who have an interest and love for fashion. 


Social media Logos


3. Social Media. There are now so many ways to access information about fashion thru social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google+, Tumbler and Pinterest to name the most popular types of social media. Bloggers, models, designers, fashion brands, and Influencers will all use most if not all of these social media networks to share their favorite trends and where they get their sources of inspiration. 

  • Recently there has been a surge of third party social media networks that are having a huge impact on how fashion is shared.
    • Wanelo is similar to Pinterest except for the items you "save" are all fashion related. For women, men, children, and even your home. There are 11 million users on Wanelo now and more join daily. 
    • Polyvore - this application allows you to be the designer. You either upload items that you like or use 
    • Fancy - Discover and buy amazing stuff all in one place.
    • We Heart It - Save your favorite fashion trends on your boards.
    • Keep - Discover and buy products.
    • The Hunt
    • JuxtaPost
    • Where To Get
    • Kit


4. Walk Thru Your Favorite Retail Store. Retail stores want to sell clothes so, they will always have the current fashion trends on display. Pay special attention to the outfits that are displayed on the mannequins. Many of the fashions that you see on the runway from high-end designers are not accessible to the everyday person for various reasons. So, retailers will carry those reflected fashion trends that are adjusted into wearable clothes.


Women shopping in a retail store


5. Online Shopping. Online boutiques allow you to sit from the comfort of your own home and shop literally allowing you to access and see the latest fashion trends 24/7. No need to fight traffic, find a parking spot or even change out of your favorite pair of lounging pants. Online shopping is available to you when you want to show or browse. You will find many stores offer free or discounted shipping which means your purchase will be shipped to your home for free or at a discount. At Ledyz Fashions we know that you want your purchase in your hand asap and offer free, fast shipping


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