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Boutique Resort Wear: Resort Ready Women's Dresses & Beach Wear
Resort wear is a necessity when you are heading out for the amazing vacay you have been looking forward to taking. If you are anything like me, as soon as your trip booked it's time to start finding the perfect outfits to pack. Our curated collection of boutique resort wear means that you are about to find all the must-have trendy outfits needed no matter where your vacation is taking you.


Resort Wear Women's Dresses

Whether you are sitting tiki bar, cruising the Atlantic ocean or getting ready to sit down to dinner at a table for two in the sand listening to the waves crash discover resort-ready outfits that are sure to turn heads. The best part of "resort wear" is that it is a style of clothing that is now in fashion year-round. This means there is no need to pack that gorgeous maxi dress away just because you bought it to wear on a trip last summer. Instead, embrace these threads year-round by pairing them with trendy cardi's and faux fur jackets.


Casual Resort Dresses

Casual Resort Dress
When most travelers hear "Casual Resort Attire" and they start to get nervous. Don't let this scare you off or put a halt to your packing. Most cruises and resorts share a common definition when it comes to casual resort attire and we are here to put your mind at ease.


Definition of Resort Casual Attire

Even though the word casual is being used to describe the dress code "resort casual attire" that does not mean short shorts and plunging mini dresses are what you will want to be wearing. The venue and/or event you are attending plays a big part in what outfit you will want to wear. As a general rule, choose clothes that you would wear if you were going to wear to a casual restaurant with friends. For day looks we suggest dresses that the hemline fall mid-thigh or longer. Eveningwear includes styles that include pantsuits to party dresses depending on the event or venue.
Casual Resort Wear - Boutique Resort Wear - Floral Print Dress
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Materials & Colors 

Lightweight fabrics, bright colors, fun playful prints, and whites are all you typically see when it comes to casual resort wear. Beautiful fabrics to consider are cotton and cotton blends, silk and silk blends, linen and knit fabrics. These fabrics are breathable and wick moisture away from the body which helps to keep you comfortable and cool when you are traveling or on vacation. Look for stunning floral prints, tropical prints, and bold vibrant colors.



Off the shoulder dresses, sundresses, and bohemian dresses are chic daytime looks that not only look chic but they will keep you cool and comfy. Chose swing dresses that offer a relaxed fit at the bodice so that your dress is not clinging to your body.
Tropical Print Resort Wear Dresses - Strapless Resort Ready Dresses



Short-sleeve tops and strapless tops are excellent choices when you pair them with skirts or skorts. Even if you are headed for a warm-weather climate you may want to pack a cardigan, sweater, or summer weight jacket for those chilly nights. Shawls in vibrant colors and tropical prints are are a vacay essential because they allow you to change the look of your outfit and extend your wardrobe choices.


Finishing Touches

Complete your resort casual attire ensemble with accessories that can easily take your look from day to evening.



Neutral choices that you will want to make sure that you take are pearls and minimalist designs like hoop earrings, rhinestone studs, and collar necklaces. Jewelry with vibrant multicolor stones or beads will allow you to add a chic touch to your resort casual outfit and can be used over and over again with multiple outfits.
Resort Wear Jewelry - Beach Wear Jewelry - Earrings For Vacation
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Evening Resort Dresses

Evening Resort Dresses - Boutique Evening Dresses
After a long day on the beach getting all dressed up for a beautiful dinner is one of the most enjoyable parts when vacationing. Resort evening wear is a step above resort casual which means its time to ditch the shorts, tank tops, and flip flops.


Defenition of Evening Resort Dresses

Even though the word evening is used, resort evening wear does not mean ballgowns. As a general rule when you are choosing clothes to wear to restaurants and bars that require resort evening wear at night go for styles that you would wear if you were going out to dinner with friends. 
Evening Resort Wear - Evening Dress For Vacation - Sexy Vacay Dress


Materials & Colors 

Lightweight fabrics, bright colors, fun playful prints, and whites are all you acceptable when it comes to evening resort attire. Again, as with the casual resort attire, beautiful fabrics to consider are cotton and cotton blends, silk and silk blends, linen and knit fabrics. These fabrics are breathable and wick moisture away from the body which helps to keep you comfortable and cool when you are traveling or on vacation. Floral prints, tropical prints, bold vibrant colors, and classic color choices in white, black, red, blue, green and more are all perfectly acceptable. 



Strapless dresses, high-low dresses, and bodycon dresses are all amazing dress styles to choose from when you are getting picking what outfits to wear to restaurants and bars while on vacation.
Boutique Evening Resort Wear - Evening Resort Wear - Evening Vacay Wear



Off the shoulder tops and one-shoulder tops paired with dressy slacks create the perfect ensemble. For those chilly summer nights pack a cardigan, sweater, or summer weight jacket.



Statement-making beach jewelry is what you are going to want to pack on your upcoming vacay. Chucky gemstones to fashion bracelets plated in gold or silver make this statement jewelry feel so special. Feel like a million bucks when you choose geometric designs and bright colors. This statement-making pieces will leave you feeling like a million bucks!
Jewelry For Evening Resort Wear - Evening Resort Wear Jewelry



Beach Wear Tips

Beach Wear - Vacation Dresses- Resort Ready Dresses
Now that you know the basics about resort dress code we want to share with you a few tips for how to dress at a tropical resort. These hot tips ensure that you will pack more efficiently and have you ready for your next adventure.
Pack Versatile Options: A key strategy to be prepared for any resort dress code you many encounter is to pack items that are versatile and can be styled a variety of ways allowing them to be dressed down or up as needed. An example is a comfortable yet stylish cotton dress that can be worn for a day at the beach paired with sandals and a floppy hat. Dress up for an evening out at dinner and drinks when you pair this same cotton dress with strappy sandals, clutch, and a sweater. Keep your bag lighter by thinking through the different ways to mix and match your clothes to create different outfits.
Cotton Resort Wear Dress - Boutique Resort Wear Dress - Cotton Dress
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Prioritize Your Comfort: So your luggage is jam-packed with clothes for you to arrive at your vacation only to find out that you don't feel comfortable much less confident wearing any of the items you packed. When you are getting ready for a vacation be sure not to stray to far from the style of clothing that you are comfortable wearing. We want you to enjoy your vacation and make sure you look and feel your best. We recommend wearing your new outfits at home to make sure that you will feel comfortable and confident wearing them on vacation.
Strapless Vacation Dress - Strapless Resort Dress - Strapless Beach Dress
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Bring A Cute Coverup: Effortless style and the perfect way to cover up your swimsuit at a resort is a beach coverup. A tropical vacation must-have is a beach cover-up that is versatile and stylish and can be used for a variety of other occasions. They will not take up much space in your suitcase and they are lightweight! 
Bathing Suit Cover Up - Vacay Cover Up -Beach Cover Up
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